House Rules

House Rules during play

Epic Heroism (DMG p. 267) –
Short Rest (5 Minutes), Long rest (1hr). No more than 1 or each without an extended rest (8hours).
Spells of 4th level and higher are not regained without an extended rest period.

Healing Surge (DMG p. 266) –
Healing kit use needed for heal checks (each kit has 10 uses before needing restocking/replacement)

Turn Undead (PHB p. 58) –
Current system is ‘unsatisfying.’ Currently expirimenting with variant uses for the Channel Dvinity:Turn Undead that causes damage to Undead instead of forcing them to flee for 1 minute (which seems like a real pain in the ass).

Hero Points – (DMG p 264)
Hero Point totals are unchanged, as is the D6 modifier use. Stability use is modified (see below). The following additonal uses include:
Adding to a roll (+2 for 1 point, +5 for 2 points), this use must be declared before the roll and can not be used with the D6 option.
Automatically regaining a spell just cast
Gain Advantage in the next roll
Regaining Hit Points (as an action, roll +1HD per level and apply those new HP, can not exceed HP maximum. Can be used as a full round action if at 0 HP)
Regaining a spent ability
Automatically stabilize at 0 HP
Sieze Initiative (act before anyone else that round)
Other uses are covered below

Critical Hits –
Roll to confirm, must equal or exceed targets AC. A natural 20 adds +1 to critical damage multiplier. Hero Point can be used to ‘auto-confirm’ crit (treat as rolling a natural 20).

Fumbles –
On roll of 1, re-roll. If second attack would have hit, ignore fumble. Otherwise fumble is confirmed (loose 1 action). On roll of 1 on fumble confirmation, catostrophic fumble occurs (Character falls, is prone until next round). Hero Point can be spent to avoid Prone status, but still loose any remaining actions this round.)

Fear Check –
Wisdom based save, failure results in Frightened status for 1d10 rounds. Fumble results in flight from source of fear for 1d10 rounds and a Sanity check versus Extreme Fear. (Hero point can be spent to overcome either condition).

Sanity/Horror –
The Sanity Stat bonus is used in checks versus short or long term Insanity and in the case of Extreme Fear (rolling a 1 on a fear check). Success means there are no short or long term changes to the character. Failure can result in short or long term conditions like Phobias or Madness. A fumbled Sanity check can lead to Permanent Insanity conditions.
Horro checks use the Sanity save bonus and can be the result of seeing something horrible, encountering an Eldritch terror or reading terrible secrets from tomes. Failure can lead to short or long term conditions just like an Extreme Fear failure. Fumbling a Horro check can lead to Permanent Insanity and even death from shock.
The expenditure of 1 Hero point can be spent to avoid lesser Insanity effects, 2 Hero Points must be spent to overcome greater Insanity effects and Permanent Insanity can be avoided by spending 3 Hero Points.

House Rules

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