Wilderlands of Ancient Legend (5E)

A long road to victory....

The Heroes of Hommlet emerged from the depths of the Temple of Elemental Evil, having spent many weeks delving into the terrors and traps of the foul edifice. Friends and allies were lost, mistakes made and potential enemies left unchecked….
However, one such foe did not escape the might of the Heroes – Zuggtmoy, demon queen of Fungi and apparently the central figure of the bizarre cults that once thrived beneath the surface of the Temple grounds, was defeated and banished back into the Abyssal abodes she came from. Not satisfied with merely defeating her, the Heroes brought forth her greatest relic of power, the Golden Orb of Death, bringing it to the Archmagus of Skara Sidhe. There in a circle of power the Orb was shattered, Zuggtmoy’s last remnants of power on this plane severed and the magical backlash collapsed the underhalls beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil. Many foul worshippers of dark and vile things died, entombed beneath tons of stone and dirt.

Unfortunately, the Heroes know of several real threats that still remain, or worse yet, blossomed into viable threats due to the actions of themselves.

  • Ayzu’ul, dread spirit from the age of the Barrakain Empire, was brought forth and unleashed by the Heroes in an attempt to raise a dead ally from eternal slumber. Ayzu’ul would go on the apparently possess Sir Logan Ardgrain, last heir to the Barony of Ardgrain. None know what this means, for now….
    *Ehb Ur-Naugroth, the God-King of the ancient Chytorm civilization was raised from an Aeons long sleep (where even death may die). This mad, enraged eldritch terror and long time nemesis of the Skara Side now seeks to raise his dead race and once more wage war upon the children of the Tuatha-Dae.
  • Nimshar, the Warlock and Necromantic Lich Lord from a time before the age of Memmnamon was apparently behind some (if not all) of the plotting behind the Temple of Elemental Evil. When Zuggtmoy was defeated and the Orb about to be removed from the Temple, Nimshar appeared to retrieve ‘his skull.’ Nimshar was driven off by the arrival of ‘The Veradamos’ – the powerful and Legendary first Archmagus of Kelnore and founder of the Valanore Wizard schools. The Veradamos, known in history to make rash and sometimes terrible decisions in the heat of battle, may have done so once more by releasing the long trapped Fey entity Ankov Thyn in order to drive off Nimshar and buy the Heroes time to escape and destroy the Orb. They did so, but what revenge will Nimshar seek to extract?
  • Ankov Thyn, an ancient being of supposed Fey origin. Long left imprisoned or otherwise unable to interact with this plane, is now freed and able to pursue its own agendas.
  • Draeligor Wynnsyndor, believed to have been encountered by the Heroes and eventually destroyed. However, this eldritch Vampiric fiend has been allegedly destroyed before, only to resurface once more later on….
  • A rumored High Wizard was said to be in the leadership of the ‘True Church’ that lay deep beneath the Temple’s surface level. His/Her possible apprentice ‘Felrinth’ was met and eventually slain, but the true arcane master had not been met when the Temple was collapsed. The chances that an alerted Arch Wizard would have fallen during the collapse of the Temple are slim at best….

In addition, several other notable events occurred:

  • Thrommel Ardgrain, missing eldest heir to the Barony of Ardgrain, was found and regrettably slain by the Heroes due to ‘fell witchery.’ His legendary sword Fragarach (a family heirloom gifted to the Barony by the Skara Sidhe during the founding of Kelnore) was recovered.
  • The ‘Wubba Wubba’ Wand of Wonder was lost on the fourth (and final?) level of the Temple Dungeons prior to the collapse of the entire structure. Is it buried beneath a million tons of rock and dirt?



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