Old School Dungeons and Dragons

What you’ll need:
Notebook paper
Graph Paper
A Mini representing your Player Character. Further, any Hirelings and Henchmen would need to be represented by a Mini as well. The Mini does not need to be purchased when the game starts, but shortly afterwards it would be a good idea.

What I’ll use:
All of the Above
5th edition D&D PHB, DMG and MM
Homebrew setting based upon The Wilderlands setting
Various modules that are easily converted to 5E play
Rappan Athuk, because fuck you, that’s why. ;)
Dry Erase Map

What we WON’T need:
Computers, Notebook/tablet PCs.
Min maxing, kitsch/gimmick or power gaming methodologies.

House Rules

Wilderlands of Ancient Legend (5E)