Wilderlands of Ancient Legend (5E)

Midnight in the Temple of Elemental Evil

Having cleared the Moathouse Ruins (discovering that no one likes to be either poisoned nor fight next to a viciously inebriated Dwarf with an ax), discovered treachery in the village of Hommlet (and then inducing ‘extreme interrogation’ using a heavy crossbow and near-sighted shenanigans), Banditry in the swamptown of Nulb (burning it down twice), fought horrifically fiendish Giant Spiders in the Forest of Nelg (solution: Burn down the Forest) the Heroes With Attitude delve into the depths of the nefarious ‘Temple of Elemental Evil.’

When just about to stumble upon a well planned ambush, the HWA (patent pending) avoid disaster by inadvertently tricking 2 giant ravens to collide with the crumbling tower wherein a small army of Bandits awaited the right moment to spring their trap and charge the luckless Heroes. Alas, t’would not be the case for the villains, as the terrible weight of the crumbling tower would crash down upon them and slay them all under it’s terrible bulk. Unawares of the danger until after they began picking through the debris and discovered some score or more recently deceased, the HWA them moved on to the Temple Dungeons to explore, exploit, extort and exterminate the unwary Dungeon populous.

A New Adventure!

The Party is escorting a member of the Dwarven city-state of Kez Feridas (Iron Holm) back to his homeland after successful trade negotiations with the Skara Sidhe fey. While crossing through the Kingdome of Kelnore, they are accosted by bandits and loose all their coin!

Recovering at the small village of Hommlet, they learn that banditry is on the rise and are able to muster a few townsfolk to help track down the villians and retrieve their money (and land a fat reward as well). Tracking the bandits to an abandoned moathouse, the party waits until most of them seem to have departed (surely to plunder some other poor fools). They enter the moathouse, besting a token pair of guards before exploring the moathouse building and finding tough opposition inside!

Victorious, the party recovers from battle and begins to plot their next moves.,…

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